February 10, 2021

"They did a fantastic job of cleaning our old fireplace and inspecting it before we purchased our home! They know there stuff, we didn't have a furnace cap, so we were able to negotiate that before the closing of our home. We will definitely be using them for all our fireplace needs!"
February 9, 2021

"I've been a customer for 22 years. They have given consistently high quality and courteous service. I recently had a problem with my wood stove smoking badly. They came out the same day, and determined the problem was my burning wet wood, and at too cool a temperature. Will, the technician, explained everything clearly and gave tips to assess my wood supply and use my stove more efficiently and safely. He took great care to protect my home from the ash and dust related to the examination and cleaning of the chimney, and he gave me a discount on the regular fee, even though the issue was clearly the result of my burning practices. I highly recommend this business."
February 4, 2021

"I was totally impressed with these guys. Robert Gavin and Steve went over and above for me. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you so much Alpha & Omega job well done"
February 2, 2021

"Robert and Travis were very helpful. Arrived on time and offered to show me their process. They explained everything which was helpful. Only thing I would have liked is if they had given me options besides just resolving a wood fireplace solution. After calling them back and asking a few questions, they told me about ventless solutions which are much less expensive, better for the environment and really what I wanted the whole time - I wish they would have told me all this up front. Otherwise great service."
January 21, 2021

"Robert P and Tyler L were timely, clean, efficient and patient explaining the options. Pricey but I was forewarned and worth it if the result is a long term fix. Thank you"
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