Complete Chimney Services in Cherry Log, GA

A fireplace can be a wonderful amenity for your home. But with fire, there’s always safety concerns. That’s why the best thing you can do is invest in the right services to maintain and repair your fireplace and chimney. At Alpha & Omega Services, we’re the foremost authority on any service you may need—from chimney sweeping and inspections.

We specialize in the installation, servicing and repairing of gas and wood-burning systems, along with masonry. When it comes to annual maintenance and management, our focuses include sweeping, cement capping, inspections and the maintenance of water seals, caps, and liners. Together, our complete scope of service keeps your chimney in good shape, reducing the risk of damage to your home or dangerous malfunctions. And, for all inspections, maintenance and repair in Cherry Log, GA, count on us to follow NFPA safety standards to the letter.

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Chimney Services in Cherry Log, GA

Complete Dryer Vent Cleaning in Cherry Log, GA

Cleaning your dryer vent is critical to keep it working properly and to prevent house fires. In fact, 92% of home fires involved clothes in the dryers. Additionally, the leading factor that has led to the ignition of house fires involving clothes dryers was due to failure to clean the vents. This accounted for 33% of dryer fires.

Here are some signs that you may have a clogged dryer vent.

Chimney Services in Cherry Log, GA

Auto Shut-Off Turns On

Many dryers today feature auto shut-off. This is a safety measure put in place to automatically shut your dryer off in the middle of a cycle if it’s holding in excessive moisture and heat. A warning sign of a clogged vent could be trapped heat. This is a problem that should be taken care of right away.

Build-Up of Lint

Many homeowners are familiar with cleaning the lint tray after every use. However, you should also stay on the lookout for lint that has accumulated under and behind the washer and dryer. The lint accumulation behind the dryer is a sure sign that the vent system is clogged. This is a very dangerous situation because the lint accumulates there since it has nowhere else to go.

Accumulation of Pet Hair

If you are a pet owner, you may not put too much thought into a little pet hair on your clothing. But, keep in mind that this hair has to go someplace. Pet hair is a common cause of accumulation on dryer vents. You should always pay close attention to this matter throughout the year. If your pet is dealing with a tough shedding period, you may want to check the system more often.

Moldy Smell

Clogged dryer vents hold in moisture and heat, which is perfect for mold and mildew to thrive. The smell is unpleasant and is something you do not want on your clothing. However, you should pay special attention to it because it could indicate something wrong with your vent system. Be sure to thoroughly clean your laundry room.

Clothes Taking Too Long to Dry

If your clothes are taking an abnormally long time to dry, this could indicate an issue with your vent system. You should check your vent system for a blockage or a clog. Either will prevent adequate airflow, which may add additional time to dry your clothes.

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Whether you’re installing a luxurious new gas insert, or you’re having your old wood-burning fireplace swept, repaired and properly capped, we’re the team to count on. After all, you deserve to enjoy the beauty and coziness of a fireplace in your home, so feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment or inspection with our team. Let us ensure that your chimney is in its very best shape for many years to come!

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