Level 2 Chimney Inspection

Who Needs a Level 2 Inspection?

Level 2 chimney inspections are required if you make any changes to how you use your chimney, such as changing the type of fuel used, relining the flue, or if an accident or external event has caused damage to the chimney.

If your building has been damaged by a fire, a chimney fire, or an earthquake, you must get a Level 2 inspection. In addition, before you sell your house, you must also have a Level 2 chimney inspection performed.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

What is a Level 2 Inspection?

The difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 inspection is the level of detail. The scope of a Level 2 chimney inspection includes all the visual inspection included in a Level 1, plus some additional work such as examining the attic, crawlspace, and other accessible areas.

Level 2 Inspection Checklist

  • Sweeping out the firebox, smoke chamber, venting system, and cleaning off the cap.
  • An inspection of all readily accessible areas, including firebox, smoke chamber, chimney, and cap.
  • The camera’s scope of the venting system to check for any cracks or gaps in the venting system may cause build-up in the future and cause your unit not to operate correctly.
    Attic inspection of chimney or stovepipe to check for any deterioration in the attic due to excess heat or water leaks.

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