Chimney Liner Repair and Installation in Williamston, MI

Liner damage can cause major problems to burning in your fireplace. A damaged liner can cause excess buildup or allow for smoke to flow into the home. If your chimney liner is strong and in good condition, it will protect your home from intense heat. It is unsafe to use fireplaces that have cracked, split or otherwise compromised liners, and the fireplaces should not be used until these problems have been addressed.


Diagnosing chimney liner repair

It is possible to find tiles or clay chips inside your firebox if you have an older chimney with a clay liner, as many older homes do. In certain cases, a damaged chimney’s liner can collect excess creosote and soot, which can create an unpleasant smell. There is the possibility of drafting problems as well.

Homeowners cannot easily determine the condition of their chimney liners. Inspectors certified in chimney inspections have the equipment and hands-on experience to assess damage to the liner and recommend the best course of action.

It is recommended that wood-burning appliance chimneys be inspected and cleaned annually by almost every fire safety agency and chimney industry organization in the U.S.

Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney Liner Repair

Liner damage can sometimes be repaired if it is moderate. Regardless of how your chimney liner is constructed, over time, constant moisture, a chimney fire, and other factors can cause the liner to become unsound.

Forever Flex chimney liners are a popular chimney liner replacement option that is ideal for many applications. Our crews specialize in installing Forever Flex chimney liners. chimney liners. It takes a technician with specialized training and experience to inspect a chimney liner and the surrounding chimney structure and make recommendations for addressing problems and ensuring that your unit is working properly. The most important safety feature of any chimney system is its lining, so you should only work with technicians who are certified chimney technicians.

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