Wood Fireplaces in Williamston, MI

Wood Fireplace

It’s a great time to install a zero-clearance wood fireplace from Regency or Buck stove. These two companies are widely respected in the hearth industry.
Modern wood-burning fireplaces offer great heat, great looks, and simple installation. A new wood fireplace offers four times the heat efficiency of traditional masonry fireplaces.


High Efficiency

Heat-efficiency ratings indicate how much heat is transferred into a room as opposed to going up the vent pipe of a heater. A wood-burning, zero-clearance fireplace can generate greater heat than a traditional masonry fireplace at 75% to 80%. The modern fireplace is a heat source.

Cleaner burn

Wood logs are able to burn hotter and longer in conventional open fireplaces because of the highly insulated zero-clearance design of today’s fireplaces. As a result, you burn more fuel while producing less smoke to clog your venting system.

Easier on the environment

Historically, wood fireplaces have never been cleaner-burning and more environmentally friendly. Wood logs emit no more carbon dioxide than trees that decompose, making them a carbon-neutral fuel. There are strict environmental standards the EPA requires all wood fireplaces to meet before they can be sold.

Easy Installation

When handled by a certified chimney professional, the installation of your new wood fireplace is simple. Without requiring major construction or remodeling, these units can be installed in any framed wall. For ventilation, steel vent pipes are all that’s needed, unlike with masonry fireplaces.

fireplace 2

Finding the right look

A wide range of designs and sizes are currently on the market. No matter what style of fireplace you prefer, wood fireplaces are sure to meet your expectations.

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