Masonry Repair in Williamston, MI


If left unattended, chimney damage can cause extensive problems. House fires can be caused by structural degradation, water leakage, and felling of bricks. Masonry should never be put off.

Our team of certified technicians will complete any masonry repair or rebuilding job quickly, correctly, and efficiently. With years of experience in dealing with all levels of chimney damage, we can assist you. Keeping you and your chimney safe and properly functioning is our main objective.

Professional Chimney Repair


A tuckpointing procedure involves adding new mortar to the open spaces on your chimney when small sections of mortar are missing. The smallest signs of decomposition should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Your chimney can be saved by tuckpointing masonry repair.

Crown Replacement

A masonry repair is needed when cracks appear in the chimney crown, preventing enlargement and allowing water to penetrate the bricks. When water freezes and expands, it damages a chimney and can eventually destroy it. A chimney crown can be repaired or rebuilt by our technicians.

Chimney Rebuild

It is best to completely or partially rebuild a chimney that has suffered extensive damage. An excessively damaged chimney can cause a house fire or collapse, endangering the lives of anyone nearby. With a rebuilt chimney you will protect your chimney for years to come.

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