Wood Fireplace Inserts in Williamston, MI

Wood Insert

Is there a masonry fireplace in your home? Does it produce enough heat for you? As most of us know, our fireplaces aren’t very efficient. On the other hand, wood-burning inserts will fit right into your existing fireplace so that you get heat output unlike anything else.

Masonry fireplaces have an average heat efficiency of 20%. The heat efficiency of wood fireplace inserts is at least 70%. A wood insert is a great source of heat.

Wood Insert 2

Designs to fit any decor

A wood stove insert can add to the look of any home. A variety of gorgeous design styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes are available from major manufacturers, such as Regency and Buck stove. You can choose a traditional or classic style, or go for something ultra-modern and contemporary. A beautiful mantel with a new insert will make your home the focus of attention.

High Efficiency

As wood fireplace inserts employ closed combustion technology, most of the heat they create can be used to warm the home. On the other hand, Masonry fireplaces transmit their heat through their wide-open system, straight up the chimney. By using a wood insert, you can burn logs more efficiently, producing more heat as a result. By burning thoroughly, the vent pipe will also have less creosote and mess.

Easy Installation

For a trained, certified chimney professional, installing a new wood fireplace insert is relatively straightforward. With this unit, you don’t have to renovate, rebuild, or tear out your existing firebox. The chimney is fitted with a basic heat-rated vent pipe, and the appliance is ready to use.

Annual Maintenance

Every year, your chimney sweep should inspect and clean your wood insert’s vent pipes. As a result, heat production will be safe and efficient.

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