March 27, 2021

"Fantastic job!!! We were very pleased with how thorough they were on inspection plus did great job cleaning fireplace and chimney for winter. Reasonably priced. Highly recommend,"
March 25, 2021

"Absolute great service. They were quick and efficient and cleaned my fireplace flue perfectly without any mess. We moved into a house with a fireplace that must not have been cleaned for a very long time as smoke would just bellow out into the house with every fire. They fixed that issue by cleaning it out completely. After that, the fires were awesome (no more smoke out house) and super warm! We will definitely use them again as the next winter season approaches."
March 24, 2021

"Alpha and Omega cleaned my gas fireplace. They did a thoroughly professional job but some of the old paint came off in the process. The technician told me he could charge me $50 to repaint it, or I could go by a can of spray paint and do it myself for much cheaper. I appreciated the technician’s honesty and his willingness to forego extra revenue for his company to take care of a customer. He focused on customer service first, and now A&O will end up making far more money in the future because I will call them again the next time I need maintenance or repair. Right now I need a new igniter for my fireplace, and I know right where to go!"
March 20, 2021

"Great company that we have used for many years at two different homes. They do a nice job and are very knowledgeable."
March 18, 2021

"The Alpha & Omega Team arrived on time and did a nice job with the installation of a new aluminum chimney crown. They were finished in about 45 minutes. They provided pictures of the finished job. They wore masks at all times that I was talking to them. They were very courteous and professional."
Alpha & Omega Services