Chimney Services in Taylor, MI

As relaxing as it can be to sit around the fireplace and enjoy a nice book or TV show, you have a lot on your plate if you own a home with a fireplace. Your fireplace needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly to make sure there’s no creosote buildup. You also need to keep an eye out for structural damage that could lead to dangerous fires. If you want to keep your fireplace in good shape without all the sweat and hard work, Alpha & Omega Chimney Services is here for you.

Chimney Services in Taylor, MI

Chimney Repair and Installation Services in Taylor, MI

Doing things yourself might be tempting if you own a home, but you’ve probably learned that isn’t the best way to do things by now. The fact of the matter is, you don’t know as much as the pros do when it comes to chimneys, and you don’t have access to the same cameras and other tools. Luckily, Alpha & Omega Chimney Services makes it easy to take care of your chimney no matter what you need. Here are some of the services Alpha & Omega Chimney Services offers for Taylor, MI, homeowners.

Repair and Restoration

When your chimney has serious structural damage, you need to get it fixed right away. Even if you’ve just got a small crack in your chimney, that crack could get a lot worse over time. The good news is, Alpha & Omega Chimney Services can take care of all your chimney repair and restoration needs. From small cracks that are just getting started to serious structural damage, there’s nothing we can’t fix.

The longer you wait to have cracks and other chimney damage fixed, the worse that damage is going to get. Eventually, you may be risking a house fire if you don’t get your chimney fixed. Instead of wondering if you can still burn a fire with that crack in your chimney, just give Alpha & Omega Chimney Services a call.


Perhaps you own a home that you love but you want to make it even cozier. One of the best ways to make your home feel cozy and add lots of resale value is to have a fireplace and chimney installed. The best part is, Alpha & Omega Chimney Services can take care of that for you. If you’re wondering whether a fireplace is right for your home or not, we can take a look and help you make the call. We can even help you decide on the best place to install a chimney and fireplace, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once we’re finished installing your fireplace, we’ll perform a complete inspection to make sure everything was done right, and your home is safe.

Level 1 Inspections

Every once in a while, you need to have an expert take a look at your chimney to make sure there are no problems. Some of the most common chimney problems include cracks and water leaks. During a level 1 inspection, we’ll take a look at your chimney to see if we can spot any signs of physical damage. The sooner you can spot a problem, the less it’s going to cost to fix that problem. Plus, you won’t have to worry about chimney fires or any of the other problems that come with having a damaged chimney.

Level 2 Inspections

A level 1 inspection is fine if you just need somebody to take a quick look at your chimney, but sometimes you need something a bit more thorough. When you need a complete chimney inspection, our level 2 inspection is the best way to go. With level 2 inspections, we step it up a notch and use cameras and other tools to get a real good look at your chimney. By inspecting your chimney inside and out, we can make sure there are no problems that are hiding from the naked eye.

If you have any changes made to your chimney, you’ll need to have a level 2 inspection performed. Next time you plan on making changes to your chimney, give Alpha & Omega Chimney Services a call, and we’ll take care of the upgrade and inspection.

Critter Control

There’s nothing worse than having unwanted critters in your home, especially if those critters are causing damage. The fact of the matter is that smaller animals look for any opportunity they can find to get into your home. Your chimney presents an easy opportunity for animals that can get on the roof, so it’s important to protect your chimney from infestations. The folks at Alpha & Omega Chimney Services can help you figure out what type of chimney cover is best for your situation, plus we’ll get it installed so you don’t have to worry about bats or squirrels getting into your home.

Chimney Services in Taylor, MI

Do you need professional help to inspect or repair an issue with your chimney or fireplace in Taylor, MI?

When you own a home, it’s your job to keep up with all the maintenance that keeps your home in good shape. The problem is, you can’t simply inspect your own chimney or take care of difficult maintenance and repairs. No matter what kind of problems you’re having with your chimney, it’s always best to call a professional. Next time you need a chimney inspection, chimney repairs, or any other chimney services, contact Alpha & Omega Chimney Services.